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I hope this guy doesn't interrupt us
Time: 49:14
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Yummy, this cock tastes so good
Time: 48:15
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I didn't know where else to cum
Time: 51:44
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Sometimes I just need my dick sucked
Time: 55:25
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Hurry and suck my dick right here
Time: 46:58
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Facials are my favorite way to end
Time: 42:38
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Don't tell anyone, but I always do this
Time: 48:42
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No condom sex feels so much better
Time: 44:18
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Suck it down you cocksucker
Time: 45:35
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These porn videos just made me horny!
Time: 45:56
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Let me slap my dick on your face
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I'll suck your cock by the meat aisle
Time: 43:44
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I can deepthroat pretty well...
Time: 48:42
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Come here and suck on this dick
Time: 52:05
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You have a lot of muscles, I like!
Time: 40:13
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I'm glad this building was empty
Time: 53:45
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Give me your head and open up
Time: 43:01
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Sometimes you just need some dick
Time: 42:20
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Now I'm fresh and clean for you
Time: 41:42
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Is my dick a good enough size for you?
Time: 40:28
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Late night subway ride is awesome
Time: 42:41
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I'm glad this building was empty...
Time: 49:53
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I love a big, long dick in my mouth
Time: 52:24
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Even in the cold, your dick is big
Time: 46:10
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I just met you, this is crazy
Time: 54:13
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He likes to fuck anywhere and everywhere
Time: 42:03
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I hope your dick is as big as your muscles
Time: 40:16
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Can I see your body? Hot and sexy!
Time: 44:24
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He's going to fuck you so hard
Time: 41:28
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I'll try not to get sand up your butt
Time: 53:29
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You weren't kidding about doing it
Time: 42:40
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Fuck me harder with your raw dick
Time: 47:17
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Let's compare our dicks together
Time: 49:04
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Don't get a grass stain on your knees
Time: 46:26
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Doesn't seem like you enjoy facials
Time: 45:22
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I hope we don't get bit by a bug
Time: 47:30
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Let me open my ass some more
Time: 46:33
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Your butt takes my dick so well
Time: 45:48
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I love getting cum all over my face
Time: 49:53
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I don't have a condom, is that ok?
Time: 49:42
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He's got some muscles on him
Time: 40:50
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I'm still straight after this, right?
Time: 42:19
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Devour my dick, suck it hard
Time: 43:56
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I'm glad we ran into each other!
Time: 50:22
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This is my blowjob from a guy
Time: 43:43
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This blowjob might be the best ever
Time: 41:13
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I give the best blowjobs, just wait!
Time: 55:37
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Look at this nice firm butt!
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Hurry and bust before they see us!
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I love dirty raunchy sex in the alley
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I love riding dick like this
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I'm going to suck your dick dry
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I love to taste my own cum off of you
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Hurry up, the train people saw us!
Time: 47:06
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Your body is sick!
Time: 47:21
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I couldn't wait any longer to suck you
Time: 53:25
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I hope someone is watching us fuck
Time: 52:23
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I came to buy a car, but glad I found you
Time: 43:30
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Good thing you have glasses on
Time: 47:12
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I couldn't wait, had to have you now
Time: 49:55
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Best camping trip I've ever had
Time: 47:11
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Wow your body is really hot and sexy
Time: 42:38
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I couldn't resist your dick in my mouth
Time: 42:35
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You're great at giving head to me
Time: 41:05
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I could use your abs to wash on
Time: 47:34
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This parking lot works to fuck in
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Wow, that's kind of a big dick
Time: 52:13
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Shit people are coming! Run!
Time: 51:25
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Running just turns me on
Time: 49:53
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Here's what you're working with
Time: 55:29
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This is the type of workout I like
Time: 47:57
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I don't think we'll get caught up here
Time: 40:05
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We might dent this car pretty deep
Time: 54:14
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Your ass is so nice and round, love it
Time: 52:47
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He's nice and hard to fuck you
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Your meat stick is so nice and juicy
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I just had to have you right now
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Just shove it all the way in, I love it
Time: 50:21
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