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Muscle Man Fucked In The...

Date: April 18, 2014

28:00 HD Video / 288 Pictures

In this weeks Out In Public update were here with our good friend Dee and were out here trying to get him some ass and we found the perfect candidate this big muscle bound dude who fits perfect for my friend Dee so we approach him and he was more than willing to join us in our fun filled day and these just went right at it the dude was flexin' his muscle for my friend and Dee was loving eery second of it!The action was amazing and we actually get spotted by someone and the what happens is truly amazing! I hope you all enjoy this update,Stay Tuned!

Two Guys Anal Fucking...

Date: April 11, 2014

24:00 HD Video / 250 Pictures

In this weeks Out In Public we have our good friend and were out here waiting for him but trust me once this guy to met wth us it was all action from then on and these two really enjoyed each others company. so we wwnt to our secluded spot and that's where they went all at it! I hope you guys enjoy this update! Stay Tuned.

Men At Anal Work!

Date: April 4, 2014

28:00 HD Video / 256 Pictures

Seems like Sajkov and Bruce are in the mood to fuck outdoors. To boot, at a construction site. More like, Men At Anal Work! Pull out the cocks and ass. Let the cock sucking and anal sex begin. Non-stop anal pounding between these two sexy European Hunks. Enjoy!

Sexy Hunks Fuck Hardcore...

Date: March 28, 2014

21:00 HD Video / 230 Pictures

In this weeks Out In Public Update we met up with our very good friend Diego but to my surprise he already had his guy and he was already fucking him out in the public so it was a very pleasant surprise and it made my day that much easier. Diego has been bragging about this guy and seing these two together I can see why these two have great chemistry and the sex is crazy and did I mention that it's out in public for the world to see! I hope you all enjot this update Stay Tuned.

Two Hot Guys That Love To...

Date: March 21, 2014

25:00 HD Video / 248 Pictures

In this weeks Out In Public update I'm hanging out with my good friend and of course he is in search of some hot guy but it's pretty much empty at this point until we come across this blondie who seems to be having some car problems. I'm a generous guy so we approach him and offer him a helping hand but as you know nothing is free in this world so we talked and he was in such a bind that he had to accept (making my boys day) so off we went and this guy let my boy do whatever he wanted to him and it seems like he enjoyed it too. I hope you all enjoy this update! stay tuned!

Out In Public To Fuck Hot...

Date: March 14, 2014

28:00 HD Video / 231 Pictures

In this weeks Out In Public update we are out with our very good friend and he wants a hot young guy so we go somewhere that his chances would be higher than usual and right away he spots his guy but apparently they didn't hit it off right away so ofcourse I had to come in and work my magic and after all that these tow hit off and they went at each other and i think my friend enjoyed his day and got his boy! I hope you all enjoy this update! Stay Tuned!

Two Hot Guys Like To Fuck...

Date: February 28, 2014

24:00 HD Video / 261 Pictures

In this weeks Out In Public were out here to help out our good friend Drago, he has found this hot guy but does not know how to approach him for sex and that's where we come in. We were straight to the point the guy but of course we threw some money his way and due to the fact that he was Bi it was a win win for him so he agreed and these two got it on thanks to yours truly. I hope you all enjoy this update! Stay Tuned.

Anal Sex In Public

Date: February 21, 2014

27:00 HD Video / 254 Pictures

In this weeks Out In Public im with my good friend and we are on our way to meet some guy that I met and he promised he would have someone there to have fun with so I gave him a shot and met him there and low and behold the guy is already there sucking dick! infront of everyone and I knew then that we had an amazing day! these two went at each other no holds barred type of way and they did not dissapoint! I hope you all enjoy this update! Stay Tuned

Public Anal Sex With Sexy...

Date: February 14, 2014

28:00 HD Video / 169 Pictures

In this weeks Out In Public i'm here with my good friends out searching for some guys to have fun wtith today and were hanging out in the parking and this "security" guard comes up to us questioning what were doing and why my friend had his cock in his hands? but little did we know that this guy(security guard) was all into my friend and jumped at the chance of getting that cock in his mouth and once he started to suck my friend off he had no shame his boss was right around the corner and that didn't stop this horny Security guard but ofcourse we took this action somewhere more secluded and that's when these two really went in all the way! I jope you all enjoy this update STAY TUNED!

Tourist Ass!

Date: January 31, 2014

31:00 HD Video / 189 Pictures

In this weeks Out In Public update my very good friend has a surprise for us but i have a feeling that this was more of a treat for himself than anything else..he made us go and pick him up in the airport and once we got in the car these two couldnt get there hands off each other so we had to stop somewhere and let these guys go at it! it was a pretty crazy update and I hope you guys enjoy it!

Hitch Hikers Love The Dick!

Date: January 17, 2014

36:00 HD Video / 208 Pictures

In this weeks Out In public update were out driving and doing what we do till we see these two hitchhikers so of course I had to approach these people who were in need of a ride and try to make the ultimate deal with these two and of course one of them happens to be heterosexual and his friend was not so that made it all the more interesting well i guess they really needed to get to there destination lol..I hope you all enjoy this update!!

Anal Sex Resort!

Date: January 10, 2014

33:00 HD Video / 264 Pictures

Chris and Ivo meet up at the top of the hill to ski down together. Seems like these two sexy men had something else in mind. They horsed around wrestling until the pants came down and the wild sex began. Chris and Ivo didn't care how much snow was on the ground, how cold it was and who was watching. They sucked each and fucked until busting huge loads of cum. Enjoy!

Snow Bunnies Anal Sex

Date: January 3, 2014

27:00 HD Video / 205 Pictures

In this weeks Out In Public we are out and about on the ski slopes. Meeting up with Diego and David. There's snow everywhere and it's cold as fuck. These guys don't care. They're just like the post-man. Diego and David fuck in any weather. They whip out their dicks and fuck each other while others ski. Come and see these two sexy men fuck in the snow.

Two Sexy Hunks Fuck...

Date: December 20, 2013

28:00 HD Video / 210 Pictures

In this weeks Out In Public we are out and about with my friend and we get a call to meet up with our very good friends who claim to be "heterosexual" so I am definately gonna try to test how straight these two are and at first they were game in the "i'm not gay" department but once that cash and cock came out it was all fun and games for these two lover boys. Enjoy!

Outdoor Anal Fun

Date: December 13, 2013

32:00 HD Video / 214 Pictures

What would happen if we got one of our friends to start jacking off in broad daylight, secretly set up a hidden camera and wait to see if we catch anything? How many people would we freak out? How many will run away in fear? Who will bite? We had such a great time with this social experiment and we knowthat you will too. Stop wasting time and watch it now!!

Two Sexy Amateur Studs...

Date: November 29, 2013

31:00 HD Video / 231 Pictures

What do you get when two handsome hunks cross paths? OutInPublic! Diego and Thomas run into each other in the middle of nowhere. They starred at each other with lust. Ready to fuck! They got naked and sucked each others cock. Then had some delicious anal sex. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.


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